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In producing this Web site, the Cornish Association of New South Wales had established a long time relationship with the Cornish people who lived in what was originally called Cornish Settlement and later renamed Byng, long after the Settlement became a village in its own right. Regional history soon became an important part of the CANSW/Byng collaboration. In the Web site, we aimed to create, in words and images, how the folk in this region worked together day by day, following their Wesleyan Methodist beliefs and customs. This involved many close-by communities which also have changed and progressed over more than 150 years.

As the communities have changed and spread out, we felt the need to include nearby villages such as Cadia where copper and gold mining began underground. The stories of this village grew and so did the mining enterprises, to the extent that the original Cadia Cemetery needed to be moved, a story in its own right. Not long after this period, we discovered that many of the miners had moved to the new mining centre at Cobar in the west of NSW. There were wonderful stories about people there who not only came from eastern NSW but also from South Australia, Victoria and Queensland - many were Cornish families.

There are many facets to the stories which have grown from day to day. Some emphasise the progress and some the decay. Some emphasise historical background. Others draw attention to the wonderful work done by many people. There are sad stories and there are humorous ones. There are many interesting images of the time. We hope you enjoy browsing through these stories and the images of the many aspects of life in the districts we cover and its people.

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Ladies at Byng
Memorial Service 1997

White Chimney &
Engine House Before

White Chimney &
Engine House After

Mr G. Halliday
Cadia Mine Manager
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New Garden Cemetery
Boulder Headstones
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